Thank You!!

Jul. 11, 2019

Lost and Found

Jul. 08, 2019
We've found a few things!

Media Clips

Jul. 08, 2019
A list of some of the media clips from the 50th Annual Games!

Passing the torch to the next community!

Jul. 07, 2019
The 50th Southern Alberta Summer Games wrap up and the 51st Annual Games location is announced!

Opening Ceremonies

Jul. 03, 2019
The 50th Annual Southern Alberta Games are Official Open!

Printable information

Jul. 02, 2019
Looking for information you can print? Here it is!

Download the NEW app!

Jul. 01, 2019
Find schedules, information and details on the games on the new Games App.

Volunteer Sign Up

Dec. 06, 2018