Strength and Conditioning (Cross-Fit)

Updated: June 20, 2019

Date: Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Time:  Registration: 8:00 AM             Start Time: 9:00 AM

Location:  Pincher Creek CrossFit (Multi-purpose facility/Swimming Pool Building, 895 Main Street, Pincher Creek, AB)


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Events and Age Groups:

All ages as of December 31 of current year       


Boys/Girls       5 - 7 yrs

Boys/Girls       8 - 12 yrs

Men/Women   13 - 54 yrs

Men/Women   55 - Masters


Regional Representation:

15 participants per region


Rules and Regulations:


  1. Workout Format will include the following:
  2. Required movements:
  3. Starting and ending ranges of the movement
  4. Prohibited technique, accessories and/or equipment, if any
  5. Required number of repetitions and/or repetition scheme

iii. Required equipment

  1. Required amount of weight
  2. All weights will be released in pounds
  3. It is the Athlete’s sole responsibility to use at least the exact poundage (i.e., if using kilogram plates, the Athlete will need to use appropriate combinations of plates to achieve the correct poundage).
  4. Time domain or time limit
  5. Scoring details
  6. Scoring format will be announced before the start of competition.
  7. The Athlete or Team with the best performance over multiple workouts in a competition wins and/or advances.
  8. Competitions may determine the winner by highest point total or lowest point total, or any method or combination of methods selected. Point values for each finishing position will be released before the start of the workout.

iii. Ties on the overall Leaderboard will be broken by awarding the best position to the Athlete. If Athletes are still tied, the process continues to their next highest single result, and so forth. Ties will not be broken for single event results. More than one Athlete can share an event result and all will earn the original point value.

  1. Some workouts may have time penalties. Failure to complete a workout in the designated time may result in a specified penalty for any portion of the workout not completed, or may result in the Athlete or Team not advancing to the next workout, regardless of overall rank.
  2. Some workouts may have a minimum amount of time, repetitions, weight or rounds required in order to advance. Any such minimums will be announced as part of the Workout Format. Failure to reach a minimum will cause the Athlete to not advance in the competition.
  3. If an Athlete does not advance to the next workout for any reason (DNF, injury, disqualification, etc.), they will be ranked below all competitors who started that workout and are not eligible to advance to the next stage of competition.

vii. Scaling or modifying the workout is prohibited and will cause the Athlete to not advance.

  1. All Event Judges will have completed the CrossFit Games Judges Course.
  2. Judges are responsible for enforcing the movement standards and validating the Athlete’s score.
  3. Any infraction to the Movement Standards or Range of Motion will result in loss of the repetition(s).
  4. Uncommon Movement Clause: Any movement deemed uncommon, out of the ordinary or used to amend, shorten or change the accepted Movement Standard or Range of Motion including line of action of any Event Movement can and will be disallowed. It is the responsibility of the Athlete to notify their Judge, Inc. of any questionable movement before the workout.
  5. Physical limitations in Range of Motion from prior physical defects or temporary or permanent injuries that are obvious and clearly definable by demonstration and are brought to the attention of a Judge prior to the beginning of the competition may be granted an exception. These cases are very rare, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Judges are instructed not to touch competition equipment or move equipment during a workout unless the equipment will interfere with another Athlete’s performance or if there is a legitimate safety concern.
  7. Non-compliance with a Judge’s instructions, bickering with or questioning of a Judge or Event Staff will not be accepted.

vii. Event Judges and On-site Directors have the authority to stop or suspend an Athlete at any point in competition if he or she feels that Athlete is at risk of serious injury to himself/herself or others.

  1. The Athlete is responsible for making sure they perform the workout as prescribed, including performing all the required movements to the described standard, counting and completing all of the required reps, using the required equipment and loads, meeting the required time and meeting all submission requirements.
  2. Proper attire is required at all Events.
  3. No attire shall interfere with Event Judging and the ability to see the Event Movement Standard of Range of Motion.
  4. Prior to approval, non-branded belts, non-tacky gloves, hand tape, neoprene joint sleeves and common fitness wear may be allowed during competition. However, no grip assistance or weight support may be derived from any device worn. In general, gear is allowed that improves safety and/or comfort, but does not confer advantage.

iii. Proper attire may include official uniforms or apparel, depending on the stage of competition.

  1. Once an Athlete enters the competition surface, they may not receive any outside material assistance (water, tape, chalk, etc.) from spectators or coaches.


Registration Deadline:


Registration Deadline as designated by your Regional Director


All registrations are done through your Regional Director, who will determine the Regional Deadline. The registration fee must also be submitted to your Regional Director. Signed consent forms must accompany the waivers.


No late registrations will be accepted.


Events will be cancelled if there are one or less individuals or teams registered. Should any event be cancelled due to lack of registrations, the athletes being affected by the cancellation will be given an opportunity to re-register in another suitable category provided that event is scheduled to run.


Please note: $20 entry fee will be collected on Saturday, July 6th at the Pincher Creek CrossFit.