UPDATED: May 7, 2014

Date: Wednesday, July 2 and Thursday, July 3, 2014
Location: Sproule Field

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Events and Age Groups:
All ages as of December 31 of current year
Male – 18 and under
Female – 18 and under

Regional Representation:
Open event

Guaranteed 2 games

Rules and Regulations:
General Rules
1.   Rules to be governed by Rugby Alberta unless otherwise stated.

Number of Players
2.   Each team must have no more than seven players on the playing area.

3.   A team may nominate no more than five substitutes. A team can substitute up to three players.

4.   If a player is substituted, that player must not return and play in that match even to replace an injured player.

Duration of Game
5.   A match lasts no longer than 14 minutes plus lost time and extra time. A match is divided into two halves of not more than
      seven minutes playing time.

6.The final game should be 20 minutes long, consisting of 2-10 minute halves.

7.When there is a drawn match and extra time is required, after a break of one minute the extra time is played in periods of
    five minutes. After each period, the teams change ends without an interval.

Conversion Kicks
8.The kick must be a drop kick.

9.The kicker must take the kick within forty seconds of a try having been scored. The kick is disallowed if the kicker does not
    take the kick in the time allowed.

Opposing Team
10.All of the opposing team must immediately assemble close to their own 10-metre line.

Extra Time
11. In extra time, the team that scores points first is immediately declared the winner, without any further play.

Foul Play
12. When a player has been temporarily suspended, the player’s period of suspension will be for a period of two minutes.

Kick-off and Restart Kicks
13. After a score, the team that has scored kicked off with a drop kick which must be taken at or behind the centre of the half 
     way line.

14. All of the kicker’s team must be behind the ball when it is kicked. If they are not, a free kick is
awarded to the non-
      offending team at the centre of the half way line.

15. If the ball does not reach the opponents’ 10-metre line, a free kick is awarded to the non- offending team at the centre of
      the half way line.

16. The ball must land in the field of play. If it is kicked directly into touch, a free kick is awarded to non-offending team at the  
      centre of the half way line.

17. If the opposing team grounds the ball, or if they make it dead, of if the ball becomes dead by going into touch-in-goal or on
     or over the dead ball line a free kick is awarded to the non- offending team at the centre of the half way line.

18. A scrum is formed in the field of play when three players from each team, bound together in one row, close up with their 
     opponents so that the heads of the players are interlocked. This creates a tunnel into with a scrum half throws in the ball so
     that the players can compete for possession by hooking the ball with either of their feet.

Tunnel – the place between the two rows of players
Middle line – imaginary line on the ground in the tunnel beneath the line where the shoulders of the two rows of players meet
Middle player is the hooker

19. A scrum must have three players from each team. All three players must stay bound to the scrum until it ends.

20. A front-row player must not intentionally kick the ball out of the tunnel or out of the scrum in the direction of the
      opponent’s goal line.

Penalty and Free Kicks
21. Any player may take a penalty or free kick awarded for an infringement with any kind of kick: punt, drop kick but not a 
      place kick. The ball may be kicked with any part of the leg from below the knee to the toe but not with the heel.

22. If a kicker indicates to the referee the intention to kick at goal, the kick must be taken within thirty seconds of the   
      penalty having been awarded. If the 30 seconds is exceeded the kick is disallowed, a scrum is ordered at the place of the
      mark and the opponents throw in the ball.

Registration Deadline:

Registration Deadline as designated by your Regional Director

All registrations are done through your Regional Director, who will determine the Regional Deadline. The registration fee must also be submitted to your Regional Director. Signed consent forms must accompany the waivers. No late registrations will be accepted.

Events will be cancelled if there are one or less individuals or teams registered. Should any event be cancelled due to lack of registrations, the athletes being affected by the cancellation will be given an opportunity to re-register in another suitable category provided that event is scheduled to run.

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