It is the purpose of the "Games" to provide a vehicle by which all communities have the opportunity to become involved in a meaningful sports program, which, through mass participation, is dedicated to the development of the individual and encourages sportsmanlike conduct.
The games would provide any community, whatever size, the opportunity to operate a competition and participation program at the local community level for any interested persons. Major emphasis will be on that of mass participation, physical and social involvement for everyone whatever age, sex, or ability. However, those having ability to win would progress to the next competition - the Southern Alberta Summer Games. Those persons winning at the Games would be provided with continued opportunities for sport advancement if they have the desire.
The potential and scope of such total involvement are unlimited and would encourage such broad positive aspects as regional cooperation to specific benefits such as the development of individual skills and improved social attitudes.


  1. To provide an opportunity for the greatest number of people possible to participate in enjoyable grass roots sports festival.
  2. To provide a unique opportunity for those in many different sports, age groups, and skill levels to compete in local, regional, and zone competitions.
  3. To provide a meaningful opportunity for undeveloped sports.
  4. To provide a continued opportunity for competitors in developed sports.
  5. To provide a "show case" for the identification of young athletes with desire and potential for higher level training and competition.
  6. To complement the sports aspects of the Games with appropriate cultural and novelty events.
  7. To provide an opportunity for volunteers to develop organizational skills in areas such as coaching and officiating.
  8. To encourage cooperation with other sport related organization.