Date: Saturday July 11, 2020


Check-in: 7:00 am     

Mandatory Riders Meeting: 8:00 am

Practice Ride: 8:30 - 9:00 am

Start time: 9:00 am


Location:  Temple Hill Motorcycle Park - 3 km North of Raymond off Highway 845


Printable Rules


Age Groups and Events: All ages as of December 31 of current year.     



Bike Specifics


Youth 50cc (Co-ed)

Two stroke 50cc single speed automatic or four stroke of

equivalent size. Maximum wheel size 10” rear, 12” front.

One Class


Youth 65cc (Co-Ed)

Two stroke 65cc or four stroke of equivalent size. Maximum wheel size 15”.

Beginner Class


Advanced Class

Youth 85cc (Co-ed)

Two stroke 85cc or four stroke of equivalent size.

Maximum wheel size 17”.

Beginner Class


Advanced Class

Ladies Class

Any female, any bike.

One Class

Adult 250cc (Co-ed)

Four stroke 250cc or two stroke of equivalent size.

Beginner Class


Advanced Class

Adult 450cc (Co-Ed)

Four stroke 450cc or two stroke of equivalent size.

Beginner Class


Advanced Class

50 & Over Class

Any individual the age of 50 or older, any bike.

Combined Classes


All categories, with the exception of the over 50 class, will have separate Beginner and Advanced Classes. Riders will select to ride as a Beginner or Advanced rider when registering with their Regional Director. The classes are separated for safety reasons and good sportsmanship. Participants are expected to select their division based on the honor code.


Beginner Class: New riders or those with limited competition experience.


Advanced Class: More experienced riders that are confident and have significant prior competition experience.


Regional Representation:

Open registration - no limit on the number of athletes from each region.

Athletes may enter multiple events.



  1. See above chart for each class bike specifications.
  2. All machines shall be fitted with three (3) number plates fastened to the machine. Upon check-in the morning of the event, machine number must be reported.
  3. Competitors must wear approved riding equipment in good condition consisting of:
    • Motocross jersey
    • Motocross pants
    • Motocross boots
    • Motocross goggles
    • Approved Motocross helmet

      4.Approved helmets must be certified by the manufacturer as meeting at least one of the following standards, and must have the original certification label(s) affixed (clearly visible/not painted over). Acceptable standards are:

    • Europe - ECE 22-05 (p only)
    • Great Britain - BS 6658 Grade A (Road Racing) and Grade B (all other disciplines)
    • Japan - JIS T 8133: 2007
    • North America - Snell M2010, Scorpion ECE 750 Series

      5.All machines must be fitted with properly working, complete clutch, gear box, brakes (both wheels), and integral ball ended clutch and brake levers. Minimum size of ball end shall be 5/8 inch diameter.

      6. Motocross machines must meet a 96 dba level.

      7.Competition tires may be used but chains and cleats are prohibited. The use of a paddle, scoop, or continuous radial rib tires is forbidden.

      8.Engine fuel must consist of gasoline defined as petroleum fuel where specific gravity falls within the range .700 to .765 at 60 degrees F and whose dielectric constant falls within the range 2.025 (2.025 is ”0” reference meter). Additives for lubrication and knock           suppression will be permitted, provided the resulting mixture falls within the above values.


Rules and Regulations:

  1. Motorsport Racing Canada rules will be in effect.
  2. The Motocross Sport Chair and officials have the right to remove any participants from racing if they refuse to ride in a safe manner.
  3. Every Athlete must be able to produce appropriate identification at all times.
  4. All riders must attend a MANDATORY riders meeting that will be held at 8:00 am.
  5. A practice ride will occur at 8:30 am following the riders meeting.
  6. All riders and spectators must abide by the facility rules of the Raymond Temple Hill Motorcycle Park.
  7. The 2020 Southern Alberta Summer Games has a Zero Tolerance Policy.  If a competitor, spectator, or parent is abusive in any regard toward officials, co-competitors, or volunteers, they will be immediately disqualified from competition.
  8. Starts shall be clutch starts with the machine in gear.
  9. No machines may be ridden in the pit areas.
  10. Where a starting gate is used, the front wheel must be within 50 cm of the gate when the 5 second signal is given. Failure to comply may result in a false start penalty at the referee’s discretion.
  11. The only person authorized to stop a race are the referee or his delegate and this shall be done by holding a red flag overhead and all competitors must stop racing immediately.
  12. When a race is stopped, the position of the riders at the last check over the finish line, previous to the stop signal, shall be considered the finishing positions. The rider responsible for the stoppage shall be placed last in the results.


Registration Deadline:


Registration Deadline as designated by your Regional Director

All registrations are done through your Regional Director, who will determine the Regional Deadline. The registration fee must also be submitted to your Regional Director. Signed consent forms must accompany the waivers.


No late registrations will be accepted.


Events will be cancelled if there are one or less individuals or teams registered.  Should any event be cancelled due to lack of registrations, the athletes being affected by the cancellation will be given opportunity to re-register in another suitable category provided that the event is scheduled to run.


Additional Information:



Anyone competing in the Motocross event may camp for $10/night at the Temple Hill Motorcycle Park. 

 Any person not competing in the Summer Games Motocross event must purchase a day pass ($10.00) at the track.

 All campers must sign a waiver before entering onto Temple Hill Motorcycle Park. Gate attendants will be signing campers in on Friday, July 10. Please call the Motocross Sport Chair, Dan West, for more information - 403-894-2519.



Participants wishing to practice on the Temple Hill Motorcycle Park prior to the event may purchase a day pass ($10.00) at the track.  The track will be open for practice on Friday July 10 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.  After 4:00 pm the track will be closed for race day preparations.


The track will be closed Thursday July 9 for preparations


Regular Wednesday night Motocross will go as regularly scheduled.  Everyone is welcome to attend.