UPDATED: March 20/2017

Date: Thursday, July 5, and Friday, July 6, 2018



  • 12 & Under and Relays - Barnwell (Start at intersection of Hwy 3A & Heritage Rd)
  • 13 & Over - Red Trail TWP RD 100 (Start is 0.5 km east down road, parking on side of road)



Thursday (Road Race)

  • 12 and under warmup at 9:00am; 10:00am start (Barnwell)
  • 13 and over warmup at 6:00pm; 7:00pm start (Red Trail)

Friday (Relays and Time Trials - ALL RELAYS are prior to time trials)

  • 12 and under warmup at 9:00am; 10:00am start (Barnwell)
  • 13 and over warmup at 6:00pm; 7:00pm start (Red Trail)

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Age Groups and Events:

All ages as of December 31st of the current year.

Road Race  (Thursday, July 5)


Time Trials  (Friday, July 6)


12 and Under


12 and Under

Boys/Girls under 8 yrs

2 km

Boys/Girls under 8 years

2 km

Boys/Girls 8-10 yrs

6 km

Boys/Girls 8-10 years

4 km

Boys/Girls 11-12 yrs

8 km

Boys/Girls 11-12 years

6 km



13 and Over

Cadet Boys/Girls 13-14 yrs



19 km


13 and Over

Cadet Boys/Girls 13-14




Junior Boys/Girls 15-17 yrs

19 km

Junior Boys/Girls 15-17

10 km

Senior Men/Women 18-34 yrs

19 km

Senior Men/Women 18-34

10 km

Veteran Men/Women 35-49

19 km

Veteran Men/Women 35-49

10 km

Masters Men/Women 50+

19 km

Masters Men/Women 50+

10 km


Relays - 4 km (Friday, July 6)

(4 participants X 1 km each)

Co-Ed                            Under 10 years

Co-Ed                            11-17 years

Men                                18 years and older

Women                          18 years and older

Senior Mixed                35 years and older (2 men & 2 women)

Family Relay                The relay is run as a family relay and there must be at least one parent 

                                         and two immediate family members on the team. Each team may 

                                         “adopt” 1 extra family member under the age of 18 years to complete

                                         the team.


Regional Representation:

Open - no limit to participation from any region.


Rules and Regulations:

1. Competitors are entitled to enter both the Road Race and Time Trials.

2. Each competitor’s name cannot be entered in more than the 5 allowed events on the official registration form as either a regular or alternate competitor.

3. It is required that each competitor wear a safety approved bicycle helmet (Snell, ANSI or CSA approved). Competitors must wear proper clothing (shirt and shoes with pants or shorts). Long pants must be taped to as not to catch the chain.

4. Helmets are mandatory and must be strapped on.

5. Toe clips or clipless pedals are suggested. Touring levers on brakes will not be allowed.

6. All bicycles must be in sound mechanical condition, no mechanics will be provided on site. In particular, bikes must have:

  • No loose parts  
  • Proper brake operation
  • No frayed brake cables     
  • Proper tire pressure

7. No training wheels will be allowed

8. If necessary, starting position will be determined by a draw.

9. All participants must be present 30 minutes prior to the event start time indicated on the schedule. Anyone late or not present for their event will be eliminated by default.

10. The Southern Alberta Summer Games has a Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy. If a competitor, parent or spectator is abusive in any way to officials, co-competitors or volunteers they will be immediately ejected from the competition.

11. Every athlete must be able to produce appropriate identification at all times.

12. In team relay races, should a tie occur each team must select a person from their team to ride a one-on-one 0.5 km tie-breaker.

13. In Relays and Time Trials, riders may have an assistant to hold them up for the start.

14. Aero bars cannot be used during the road race.

15. Once the riders have started their sprint to the finish line, they must remain riding in a straight line.

16. Age categories will be combined if registration numbers are low.

Registration Deadline:

Registration Deadline as designated by your Regional Director

All registrations are done through your Regional Director, who will determine the Regional Deadline. The registration fee must also be submitted to your Regional Director. Signed consent forms must accompany the waivers.

No late registrations will be accepted. 

Events will be cancelled if there are one or less individuals or teams registered. Should any event be cancelled due to lack of registrations, the athletes being affected by the cancellation will be given an opportunity to re-register in another suitable category provided that event is scheduled to run.

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