County of 40 Mile

Updated May 7, 2019


How to Register

First, consult with your local Regional Director. Each region sets their own registration deadlines and fees.
Second, fill out all required Registration and Consent forms and submit with fees to your local Regional Director.

Eligibility  of Regions Games Competitors

  1. Eligible competitors must be residents or hold a mailing address in the region they are representing as of the Games registration deadline.
  2. If a competitor, attends school in a Southern Alberta Region other than that of his/her residence, he/she  shall have the option of competing for either region, but not for both  regions.
  3. All competitors must be the minimum age as set out in the sport rules. 

County of 40 Mile Regional Director

Regional Director: Susie Heinrichs

Contact Number: 403-432-0002


Registration Deadline: Friday, June 7 2019

Registration Fee: $25.00

Registration forms can be dropped off at: Bow Island Town Office

Payment forms accepted: Cash / Cheque / Debit

Please make Cheques payable to: The Town of Bow Island

Click here for printable registration form!


Twitter: @SASG40mile

Instagram: @Southernalbertasummergames