Ball Hockey

Updated: March 19,2020

Date: Friday, July 10 and Saturday, July 11, 2020 

Time: See Schedule when posted

Location:  Raymond Ice Arena - 50 W 100 N


Printable Rules


Events and Age Groups:

All ages as of December 31 of current year


CoEd: under 10 years - Born in 2010/2011

CoEd: under 12 years - Born in 2008/2009

CoEd: under 14 years - Born in 2006/2007

Co-Ed: under 18 years - Born in 2002/2003/2004/2005


Regional Representation:

Two teams per age group, per region.



5 players on the floor at one time, plus a goalie (6 vs. 6).

Minimum 10 players (including 1 goalie), Maximum 15 players (including 2 goalies).

No maximum or minimum to the amount of males or females on a team.

**Guaranteed 2 games


Elimination Bracket Format

Regular games won't be allowed to end in a tie. The format for tie-breaking will be as follows:


  1. Sudden victory period of not more than 5 minutes with the team scoring first declared the winner. The overtime period shall be played with each team at a numerical strength of 4 players and 1 goalie. Any penalty that has time to be served at the end of regulation time will carry over into the overtime period.
  2. If the game is still tied after the first sudden victory period, a second sudden victory period will be played of not more than 5 minutes with the team scoring first declared the winner. The second overtime period shall be played with each team at a numerical strength of 3 skaters and 1 goalie.


  1. If the game is still tied after the second sudden victory period, the game shall be decided by a shootout. Each team will select 3 shooters. Visiting team shoots first. The team with the most goals after 3 shooters shall be declared the winner.


4 If the game is still tied after the shootout, the shootout continues with a SUDDEN VICTORY format. One at a time, teams will select a shooter. Once a shooter has gone, he/she is ineligible to shoot again until every shingle player from the team has gone.


Rules and Regulations:

  1. Canadian Ball Hockey Association rules apply unless otherwise stated.


  1. The Southern Alberta Summer Games has a Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy. If a competitor, coach, parent, or spectator is abusive in any way towards officials, other competitors, or volunteers, they will immediately be ejected from competition.


  1. Every athlete must be able to produce appropriate identification at all times.


  1. All participants and coaches must be registered with their Regional Director prior to the registration deadline in order to play.


  1. Players can only be a member of one team per division.


  1. All participants must be present at least 30 min prior to the event starting time indicated on the schedule. Any team late or not present will lose by default.


  1. All coaches must report to the Ball Hockey Sport Chair prior to the start of the tournament to discuss the rules of the game and go over any other required information. This tournament follows the CBHA rules governing minor ball hockey. All referees and linesmen are carded officials.


  1. Each team is responsible for obtaining and checking the game sheet for errors. The first team arriving to the rink will be given a game sheet at the registration desk (prize table). Once checked, they should turn the game sheet over to the other team. This team then should submit the score sheet to the scorekeeper.


  1. No other persons besides registered players and coaches may enter the players bench or team dressing room.


  1. Each game will consist of two - 25 minute running time halves, with 5 minute intermissions.


  1. Stop time during last 5 minutes of last period if scores are within 2 goals.


  1. Each team shall be allowed one 30 second time out per period.


  1. Any 3 penalties is a game results in that player (or goalie) being ejected from the game.


  1. Gross/Match/Misconduct penalties: the league will not tolerate will not tolerate these; all will be subjected to eject from tournament. Referee’s call stand


  1. A four (4) minute minor penalty will be assessed to any player who commits any of the following infractions: butt-ending, cross-checking, head-butting, head contact, high sticking, slashing, and spearing.


  1. Mercy Rule will be in effect: If a 7 goal or more lead exists after the first period or anytime during the second period, the current game score will be recorded as the final game score. It will be left up to the discretion of the coaches if the rest of the game time will be played for fun and in the name of good sportsmanship.


  1. Floating Blue Line: This method of offside is exclusive to ball hockey. The attacking team on offense uses the blue line the same as in ice hockey until they enter the offensive zone. Once this is accomplished, the centerline acts as the blue line and the defensive team must clear the ball past the centerline before it is considered out of the zone.


  1. No twoline pass rule: The centerline will not exist for two line passes and off side.


  1. No touch icing: This will be implemented to speed up game and eliminate possible injuries.


  1. Quick face off rule: This is also implemented to speed up game and eliminate time wasting in game.


  1. Each team must supply either a score keeper or score clock person for each of their games.


Required Equipment:

  • CSA approved helmet and face mask
  • Standard hockey stick (no plastic blades)
  • Gloves (hockey or lacrosse style)
  • Shin Pads (soccer style) which must be covered by socks or pants.
  • Each team must supply their own jerseys (Home and Away preferably) with large numbers on each player’s back.
  • Goalies must wear full protection with CSA helmet and mask, no road hockey helmets


Important Notes:


  • Referee harassment by parents and spectators Will Not Be Tolerated and the offending individual(s) will be barred from the arena at the discretion of the referee and/or tournament official.
  • The referee’s decisions are final in all matters pertaining to rules, interpretation, and assessment of penalties and awarding of goals and assists.
  • Only coaches can present disputes to an official of the tournament.
  • Dressing rooms are to be left clean following games. Teams that leave a mess after a game may be assessed a 5 minute major penalty to start their next game.


Registration Deadline:

Registration deadline as designated by your regional director

All registrations are done through your regional director, who will determine the regional deadline. The registration fee must also be submitted to your regional director. Signed consent forms must accompany the waivers.

No late registrations will be accepted.


Events will be cancelled if there are one or less individuals or teams registered. Should any event be cancelled due to lack of registrations, the athletes being affected by the cancellation will be given an opportunity to reregister in another suitable category provided that event is scheduled to run.